Let's get to know Brianna, Founder of Bedford Babe's Marketplace and BB's Self-Care Products

How did you come up with your business name? 

I was living on Bedford Ave in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn last year when the name kind of just came to me as I was renaming our apartment's group chat. We were 4 young girls, living in the city, trying to live our best lives while grinding away at our careers. They were all actresses and super artsy, which encouraged me to explore more of my creative side, even though I was kind of the opposite working a 9-5 in corporate Manhattan. 

Are you originally from NYC?

Haha, again no. I'm originally from Arizona. 

That's a big change! How did you get to NYC? Tell us your life story. 

Well, let's just say I didn't take the most direct path in getting here. 

I grew up in the suburbs (Chandler, AZ) then moved to Flagstaff, AZ to study International Affairs and Psychology at Northern Arizona University. My junior year I studied abroad in Milan, Italy; ended up graduating with my undergrad a year early, allowing me to stay an extra year in Milan for my Masters in International Cooperation and Development. I specialized in human rights, children's rights and non-profit fundraising. 

After graduating and finishing up my internship at Terre des Hommes, I moved back to AZ where I somehow ended up in a sales rep position. That company then promoted me to be a manager in Seattle, WA - so I spent a year there. 

Summer of 2016 I visited NYC for the first time with my mom for her birthday; while exploring, I knew in my heart this city would be the next place I'd call home. I'm sure every 20-something year old girl says this, but I was seriously determined to make it happen. Within 6 months I was on a plane with 3 suitcases, transplanting my life once more. I've been here for over a year and a half now, and loving every minute of the roller-coaster that it has been. 

What inspired you to launch Bedford Babe's?

In complete honesty, I was working as a Marketing and Business Development Director and suddenly got laid off. This was a true wake up call to say the least! I had to meditate a lot, and be honest with myself on what I am trying to get out of life. I admitted I needed to take control of my own future.

I have always had a strange hobby of coming up with social-enterprise ideas. For the ideas I really like, I buy domains for them.. I have about ten different domain names, but I have never actually launched a business. "There's no time like the present!" I thought. I continued developing the Bedford Babe concept and fell in love with it more and more. 

What made you choose Bedford Babe's over all the other ideas? 

I feel like Bedford Babe's is a great representation of where I am right now in life, in NYC, in the world, and in my journey of self-love. I also feel like the messaging is very appropriate. If we want change, we have to make it happen; both for others, and for ourselves.

How are your products different from your website? 

Bedford Babe's Marketplace is an opportunity for women to support other women, meanwhile BB's Self-Care products are designed to support your personal journey of self-love.

For example, a Bedford Babe body scrub is surely a great way to get glowing beautiful skin, but it's more than just that; it's an opportunity to take care of yourself. As you're exfoliating your legs, you're encouraged to be grateful for your ability to move forward in life despite its hurdles. Our products explain the benefits of their use, as well as provide directives on using the product to guide you towards stronger self-love. 

Who are your products for?

Our products are for anyone and everyone. Some people may need the self-love directives more than others. Some might just love the fact that all of our homemade products are made with all-natural, organic, and fair trade ingredients and sustainable packaging. Others may not even care about the social responsibility aspect of our self-care products, just the fact they get amazing, glowing results. 
There's no wrong way to use our products - we just give everyone everything we can, and hope they get what they need.

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