About Bedford Babe's


As I was creating this website to launch my homemade beauty and personal care products, I realized there was so much extra space for products on this platform--- infinite space actually (thanks, Shopify!) 

Then I randomly remembered the time one of my past employers admitted that the reason her business was not as successful as it should be by now, is because she had always hated and been envious of her female colleagues/competitors that she believed were "better" than her. 

It reminded me of the recent "women's empowerment" movement going on and how much B.S. it truly is if these are the thoughts that thrive throughout the marketplace even after the marches take place.  

Men are always blamed for the lack of equality among the sexes.
But have we as women stopped to realize that we are the ones that have been keeping each other down? 

If we don't do even the tiniest thing that's in our power to make our community a better place - even something as small as celebrating each other's success instead of tearing each other apart - why should someone else? 


When sharing this marketplace idea with one of my best friends, she created the acronym for babe: 
Bad Ass Bitch Entrepreneur

The word "bitch" can be replaced with "boss" if you're squeamish; but in reality, our brand is taking back control of the word. We're taking control of our pocketbooks, of our lives, of our careers, and our future. 

"I think that a woman that's in control of her work, or makes decisions, or is very opinionated is called a bitch... If I'm going to be remembered for something, I'm going to be remembered for being a bitch. But, a hard working bitch; a loyal bitch." - Naomi Campbell 


(controversial lady, this one; but still a badass business woman, and a badass quote!)

Founder's Manifesto: 

I haven't made it to law school, I'm not famous, and I certainly don't have a lot of money - but gosh dang it, I've got ideas! 

And as long as I make space in this world for my ideas, I'll strive to share that space to empower all the other hard-working, passionate, talented and envy-worthy badass bitches in the world fighting to make it a better place, one venture at a time. 

Therefore, instead of featuring only my homemade products, I am inviting women to launch their products alongside mine - creating almost a new version of a farmer's market. It's digital, it's easy for the vendor and easy for the consumer. It's female-founded. It's the future. 

Looking to have your business featured in the Bedford Babe's Marketplace?  

Your business is unique, so your strategy should be too! Being a vendor on our site not only gives you the ability to have Bedford Babe's selling on your behalf, but business development consulting on an ad hoc basis as well! 

Does this sound like it may be the right fit for you?
Send a note to hellobedfordbabe@gmail.com and let's set up a time to chat!